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Our Services

Screen Repairs

Here at MacBook Service Center in Abu Dhabi we repair Screens of Ipads, Iphones, Macbooks, Imacs. We replace LCD  screen modules and entire screen panels based on devices. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Memory Upgrades:

We upgrade ROM (Hard Drive) storage to larger capacity drives. We recommend SSD Drive upgrades to accommodate the application needs for speed and rendering for design requirements. We upgrade SSD storage for both retina and non retina models. SSD Storage is faster storage and will enable shorter boot time and shorter application load time.

We also perform upgrades for RAM (memory) modules. High system Ram enables a user to work on several applications simultaneously. We perform excellent quality repairs  like Apple Service Center Abu Dhabi does. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Battery Replacement:

We repair Battery packs of Ipads, Iphones and Macbooks. Now you wont have to worry about running out of battery anymore. At Macbook Service Center, we believe your battery should never die out. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Apple ID Maintenance and Support

We will provide onsite appointment based assistance if you have lost your Apple ID provided you are the owner of the device and the Apple ID owner and have receipts of purchase. Forgot your security questions ? We will assist in resetting them as well. We will assist you in setting up two factor authentication for additional security. This task is done solely by contacting Apple Service Center and using our technical expertise and will work only if the Apple Id creator is physically present. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Apple Data Recovery

We can recover you data from your drive that has failed to boot up or has been infected with a virus. Our services on recovery are charged only on recovery. No recovery - no charge. Macbook Service Center will perform recovery on all non mechanical failed drives. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Wireless Range Expansion:

Having problems with your wireless network. Always having to restart your router. Your wireless range doesn't go as far as you wish it would. 
We can solve all your problems, by installing routers and access points that will be compatible with Etisalat devices. We configure the Wireless Routers and Access points to integrate with a mixed network environment of Apple, Android , Windows and Mac devices and to function work seamlessly at the same time. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Windows on Mac !!!

Finally you can run all your favorite and important apps that you wish to run on one device. MS Project, MS Visio are not available for Mac OSX , but now you dont need to worry anymore, with a four finger swipe, you can move from MacOs to Windows instantaneously. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Trade in your old charger for a new one

Do you know that using a frayed charger will lead to logic board damage. The logic board is very expensive and roughly amounts to 70 % of the total price of your device . A charger cable that is frayed on the outside will eventually have a frayed core cable. When the cable in the outer core comes in contact with the cable in the inner core, it will spark, short circuit and instantly damage your logic board, RAM , Hard drive and screen. We all tend to use a frayed charger saying , "just one day more". When is the best time to change a frayed charger, its NOW, not tomorrow, not later, its now, else you could end up losing your device and all your data on it. If you are using a frayed cable for an IMac, Macbook , Ipad or Iphone, discontinue using the device and change it immediately. Macbook Service center will replace your frayed original Magsafe charger with a new one for a discounted fee. Macbook Service Center will also perform iMac repair in Abu Dhabi

Macbook Service Center Abu Dhabi is not an Authorized Apple Service Center, by this we mean we do not cover repairs under warranty or repairs for parts that fall under the recall program. This also means that we can upgrade your computer with SSD drives and also perform repairs to your device instead of entire part replacements which will always work out at a more reasonable rate. Our Appointments are mostly full for a month to two months in advance, but we will always try our best to go out of our way to help you if we can. 

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