Here at Mi service center Malad Mumbai, we are going to let you in on some of the secret tips that you will find interesting that you will love to try on your Apple Macbooks, Imac and other Apple Products.

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade, That's the question!!!

You might wonder why there's any debate at all. You've got to remember that there's always a bit of work involved with updating a Mac, and that it can be pretty difficult to downgrade once you've done it. Then there is the fact that often, despite thorough beta testing, there can still be issues with the early versions of the software and that may well cause problems for you. So you want to be sure before you jump to the latest version.

On an upgrade that we performed only recently on January 8, 2018, after software testing, we have identified some Operating system flaws of High Sierra on an Imac and on Macbooks. There is a screen flick that is observed within Chrome and some graphic applications. Apart from that there is an issue of Hard disk that have NTFS partitions not getting recognized in High Sierra, only external drives that were on Mac Osx Jounalled partitions were accessible. We also found out that ISO image files of original software would not work anymore and was not compatible. These are just some of the few issues.

We tried to find a work around but failed, we had to then downgrade to Sierra. This is a complicated process and is best handled by a professional.

Here at Mi Service Center Malad Mumbai, we pride on being up-to date with the latest information and tips for our loyal customers.

Do unit conversions in Spotlight on your Macbook

Reveal Hidden Options On Menu Bar on your Imac

The menu bar is one of the best places to quickly access an app from, and if you want to get more use out of it, consider holding down the Option key and clicking on an icon. It will reveal additional information about the app. It is most useful if you’re using a Macbook. Hold down the Option key and click the battery icon to see how it’s doing health wise.

Here at Mi Service Center Malad Mumbai, we will let you in on some of our secrets.

Talk to and listen to your Macbook !

Run Windows on Macbook

Sign PDFs right in Mail on a Macbook

Batch rename several files like photos.

Share easily with friends from a Macbook

Use Split Screen in Apple Mac OSX

Sign your documents in Apple OSX

Crop, resize and tweak images on Apple Macbook

Make a keyboard shortcut on an Apple Macbook

Use Apple Automator and Services for speed

Trade in your old charger for a new one

Did you know that using a frayed charger  amounts to 70 % device failure cases caused due to logic board damage. A charger cable that is frayed on the outside will eventually have a frayed core. When the cable in the outer core comes in contact with the cable in the inner core, it will spark, short circuit and instantly damage your logic board, RAM , Hard drive and screen. We all tend to use a frayed charger saying , "just one day more". When is the best time to change a frayed charger, its NOW, not tomorrow, not later, its now, else you could end you losing your device and all your data on it. If you are using a frayed cable for an IMac, Macbook , Ipad or Iphone, discontinue using the device and change it immediately. Mi Service Center Malad Mumbai will replace your frayed original Magsafe charger with a new one for a discounted fee.

Stay Tuned for More Tips and Tricks. We will try our best to share with you as it comes. You can always expect more from Mi Service Center Malad Mumbai.

Mi Service Center Malad Mumbai is not an Authorized Mi Service Center, by this we mean we do not cover repairs under warranty or repairs for parts that fall under the recall program. This also means that we can upgrade your computer with SSD drives and also perform repairs to your device instead of entire part replacements which will always work out at a more reasonable rate. Our Appointments are mostly full for a month to two months in advance, but we will always try our best to go out of our way to help you if we can.