Mi service center Malad Mumbai is not an authorized Mi service center to the repair of my device and the replacement of parts.

The Customer is requested to backup all data. In the event of loss of Data, Mi service center is not responsible for Data loss arising due to repair.

Mi service center collects credentials for the repair  and testing of the faulty device and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to change the information upon receipt of the device.

The device is not authorized to be opened outside service repair area.

If this form is filled prior to inspection, the amount will be only be treated as an approximate figure and prices may vary after inspection.

Repairs made to device; caused due to liquid spill will incur different charges.

I understand that part components will be changed during Part repair. I authorize the purchase of these components.

Parts Include Logic Board, Screen, IC's, Circuitry Repair. These Charges may not exceed the price of the new part.

During an entire Part replacement  a more accurate cost can be derived.

This form is best filled by an Laptop service center Technician to ensure accuracy of approximate Pricing.

Diagnostic Charges will be borne in the event the repair has been declined as 1500rs for a MacBook and 500rs for a Windows Laptop or a Mobile phone.

Mi service center stands for Mi Service Center a subsidiary company of Laptop service center.

As an, we do our best to high quality standards of repair and the use of Best Practices.